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Akemi Osugi, Ph.D

Associate Professor / Certified Public Psychologist

Faculty of Human Culture and Sciences, Department of Psychology, Fukuyama University

985-1, Sanzo, Higashimura-cho, Fukuyama, Hiroshima, 729-0292, JAPAN


Summary of Expertise

  • I was a polygraph examiner using autonomic-based Concealed Information Test (CIT) for over ten years.
  • I had been contributing to resolution of the criminal investigations by conducting the CIT in Japan.
  • I’ve ever introduced Japanese CIT to foreign researchers and practitioners in the some books, and at the international conferences or specific workshops.
  • I also have been investigating the relationship between P300-based CIT and emotional arousal at memory encoding, so I have also experiences measuring Event Related Potentials and Reaction Times.
  • My students and I are also studing the topic related reaction time-based CIT (RT-CIT) and CIT using eye movement.

Research topics

  • Concealed Information Test, Polygraph examination
  • Forensic Interview